lawn weedkiller wanted

    I am after some lawnweedkiller, i have been to [email protected] and other garden centres but no joy. I have seen plenty of normal weedkillers, but non for the lawn.
    Anyone seen any?


    usally mixed as Feed and Weed.

    Have you tried Wilkos? I get one from there that you mix two sachets in a water can and the go over the grass, seems to kill dandelions and moss with no bother...only prob is makes the Grass Grow like wild fire!

    evergreen 4 in1 is good and kills the weeds

    I got Wilkinsons "Feed, Weed & Mosskiller" it was £3.99 witch is 20% off atm it is 3.5Kg and covers 1000Sq Meters

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    hi, thanks, i will give wilkinson a go online as there is no wilkinsons near me.
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