I am looking for a new lawnmover for my garden (which is relatively small). I have no idea on which type / brand to go for.
    I am ideally looking for something priced at no more than £60.
    Does anyone has any suggestions on places to try (preferably, somewhere that delivers)


    try [url][/url]. you should find a cheap one

    if its small, get a push mower. smaller and easier to store.

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    Thanks guys for the speedy response. Think I will go for a push mower now - save the wiring into the garden.

    try this website as they have some around £49.99


    I've got this model and paid £100 for it a couple of years ago…5E8

    £48 good deal, its an excellent mower


    Or this one for a little over your budget…ZIG

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    Foosball Chum;2843097

    Or this one for a little over your budget … Or this one for a little over your budget

    Thanks very much for your help. Ended up purchasing this one and managed to get it for £68.99. Thanks again!
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