lawnmower needed urgently please help wanted

    i need a lawnmower as soon as possible and looking for a good bargain. i have seen one in argos with a free trimmer for £59.99 (flymo easimo - 900 watts). if anyone knows of any better deal, please let me know. it will be much appreciated. thanks in advance


    Going slightly off-topic in regards to bargain, have you considered a petrol mower? If you've got a decent size lawn they make things a lot easier. The have more power and there's no leads to get in the way!

    They usually all come on offer in the month or two (electric and petrol)


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    my lawn is not very big so there is no need for a petrol mower. i would prefer something under £60

    Apologies if you already know this but it's not a good idea to be mowing lawns at this time of year.…htm

    Just trying to be helpful ! You may after all have an indoor bowling green for all I know.
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