Found 13th Nov 2007
Saw this on virgin megastores website and thought what an interesting idea for a next generation game.…jsf
Anyone going to order this :whistling: :-D :giggle: lol


Lol why?! Why?!!


Lol i will have to rent this for the humor!


That has got to be the stupidest idea ever.

"Ever dreamed of mowing the lawn....."

Ummm... No... mowing the lawn is a chore, not something fun :giggle:

And it's not even cheap!!


Surely this has to be some sort of wind up? Tescos have it as well, check the language:


English (scouse)


wow that looks brilliant!!! i've always wanted more practice on the lawnmower without screwing up for real!! i think its compareable to "heroin hero" (all you south park fans will know what im talking about) lol

Looks awesome- thanks for the heads up! I've always wanted to be head grounds keeper!


Scouse :lol: It has to be a windup

to be fair, it will be the best game on the ps3 when it comes out :|(yeah I went there lol)

the ps3 version is hd quality unfortunately the wii version isnt look at the stunning graphics on the wii by clicking on the link

lol i thought games couldnt get any worse fot the PS3!

Lol !
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