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Hi guys,

I need some help. My dad recently had a heart attack so I’ve been cutting his grass for him. However, the garden is one of his pleasures in life but the lawnmower he has is bulky and heavy. Can any of you recommend anything decent that’s lightweight?

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The Bosch range that are powered by Lithium batteries look great , lightweight and easily manoeuvrable (due to no trailing wire ) . Would love one myself but can't justify the expense ( £200 ish ) as I still have 2 corded electric mowers (a cylinder and a rotary) working perfectly .
How big is the lawn you need to cut? Asking as that will dictate either petrol or electric.
we have a bosch electric lawn mower that has wheels on it so it is very easy to push along and is very light. the hardest bit is emptying the grass cuttings bin.
I have a flymo that collects the grass clippings as it goes. It's very easy to push too.
Similar situation to you, would highly recommend this…674
Very lightweight and no cord to drag around
Thanks guys, your input has been appreciated!
If it is the pushing that is an issue would a self propelled mower make sense? I have a bargain basement Sovereign one (around £100 I think). It is great, our garden is sloped and it happily makes it's own way up and down with a little guidance.
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