Lay z spa

Found 3rd Aug 2017
Anyone got one of these?

Looking for some genuine owner feedback about how easy they are to maintain and how much the running costs are.

Also if anyone has a particular model they'd recommend or knows of any good deals going on please?

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Not particularly helpful I expect, but I do not own one. We own several holiday cottages and have Hotspring Spa hot tubs in each. They cost more, but the running costs are lower. They are permanent and are easy to look after.

If you buy a temporary tub or something with low insulation you will pay heaps more in running costs.

If you only want it for a year or two that may be fine as you may prefer to put it up/take it down when not in use.

Our permanent spas are used year round and cost as little as £25 per month to heat/look after.

If you want to try to see if you like it, the temporary spa may be the way to go, but a good secondhand spa from a reputable spa firm may be a better option financially.

Buy a basic pack of chemicals and tester strips and check the water daily. It's a 10 minute job to keep it tip top.

Good luck with what you decide on.
Thanks, another option for me to think about. Much appreciated.
We have layz spa miami and cost between 50p and 75p on average a day.
We find it easy to maintain but it does take some getting used to. We use chlorine tablets in the floater and have the dose just right that we only really need to check with test strips once a week and the levels are always good.
My neighbour purchased one from Homebase and had it on his new decking. 7 months later and his decking was 10inches lower where the spa was than everywhere else. The wood split one night and punctured bottom of the spa. 1000's of litre of water pours over his garden and the lower neighbours patio. Make sure you have it on a stable solid surface lol.
Thanks guys, sounds like running costs not too bad. Flat surface advice noted!
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