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Posted 11th Jun 2016
morning I've been given some homebase vouchers that I don't know what to do with. so I'm thinking of getting a lay z spa vegas. can anyone tell me if they are any good and how much they cost to run. is my leccy bill going to go through the roof?
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for the once or twice a year it'll get used after the novelty wears off i wouldnt worry about it
I've had one, they're great fun for the kids or for your very closest of friends. Sadly, if you rely on the inbuilt supplied heater, you'll have to fill it up 2 Days before as the heater is so poor, it's hardly sufficient. I used to run a tap connector off a hot water tap to fill it, of a combination boiler, therefore, you'll get an instant lazy spa once it's filled. It works out cheaper and more convenient.
I would say if you're planning to buy a luxury item and worried about running a costs, it's maybe not for you. Their website states 12-24 hours to heat but likely takes longer. Your bigger concern would probably be the costs of things like filter cartridges and water treatments. The newer models appear to have an energy saving option. Save yourself money and buy a paddling pool and fill it with warm water
I have vouchers so it's money I'm spending

I have vouchers so it's money I'm spending

surely they have a long expiry date and its only a matter of time before you can use them for something you actually need.
They're good, and no, not expensive to run, but if my experience is anything to go by you'll be be lucky to get a couple of summers out of the heater.
The biggest pain is storage when not being used.
It was fun for the first year, but the novelty kind of wore off after that.
Oh - And I wouldn't bother getting one if you've got a cat.
My landlord said I may have mitigated building insurance by having lay z spa - is this true ??? I thought only a perm spa would need permission... gonna check my tenancy but they are trying to say need to remove it as I didn’t get Permission and been complaints of noise in it (some jealous person no doubt lol
ability to use it relies on outside temperature, namely the lower the temp the harder the heater pump has to work for longer, ..Is the wattage that of a 3kWh kettle or less, & would you like a kettle running for hours on end, if it costs 3x units of electricity per hour over a 36 hour+ period then you are peeing money down the drain, especially if on a water meter too. (for example)
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