laymans house alram system questions- help please :-)

Found 10th Mar 2018
Good morning HUKD'ers, i wondered if i could bother you for some help on understanding some of the below alarm systems.

Just recently there have been some good deals and links posted in deals for alarm systems. below are 4 that i have found that are currently available and i have some questions. apologies i have been reading reviews and comments in threads but i have not yet had my questions answered.

considerations: i dont have a landline, we do not have pets (only kiddies!).

This one is the screwfix Yale premium wireless alarm system:…868

now i understand that this system can ring up to 3 phone numbers to alert you. we don't have a landline connection (only internet), so i guess other than the alarm sounding and flashing, there isnt a way we would know about this alarm going off if we are not at home?

and here are 3 wireless 'wifi' systems:…019…868…121

it looks like the difference between the last two yale (screwfix and B+Q wifi models) is that the more expensive B+Q one has a camera for picture stills and the system looks generally newer/ redesigned?

it is likely that ill be fitting it myself (seeing as theyre dubbed as 'so easy to install yourself'). now i understand that they communicate wirelessly, but i presume that each PIR or the siren needs a mains power supply- or is it all battery fed?

The wifi models do not need a landline to contact you, instead alert you via app's or push text messages/ email etc. is that correct? if that is so, then i can rule the first yale out as that needs a landline. then it will just be a consideration between which yale, or the Secuplace system, whichever offers the best app software or bang for buck. any suggestions?

do any of you have any of the above systems, any recommendations or considerations/ issues for you?

sorry folks, some newbie questions there, i'd be grateful if you could assist my laymans understanding! lol

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Hey, not throughly read all your discussion but... yes we have the Yale wireless alarm which is connected directly into the landline. Everything is battery powered apart from the control unit (I never trusted the battery one) that’s the panel which you type pin in and program it etc. There is another version which uses gsm? In other words a SIM card which you insert instead of a landline. Both were available from screwfix about a year ago. Can’t comment on others. Hope that helps
I've been looking at the Yale systems and they seem to get good reviews from some and shocking reviews from others.
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