LCD and Plasma TV experts. Can you answer this?

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Found 12th Oct 2009
Everyone on here has their views which TV is the best buy, so I'm asking fellow HUKDers for their views as to what type (LCD or Plasma)/brand/model I should consider. I've looked at many models instore but it's impossible to compare what they are showing to real-life everyday tv.
Size 37" to 42" Budget £400-£800 (the less the better!) Free-standing on built-in unit. Distance from seats to TV, approx 3-5 metres
I have been considering Panasonic plasma and would love advice on which model people suggest.
This is what I need a TV for:
Basic family viewing on Sky (SD not HD)
Some sports (footie, BMX, rugby, cricket, skiing etc)
Films on Sky and DVD(not Blueray)
No gaming (although son might use with Xbox)
Video playback from camcorder
Any help is greatly appreciated and will rep generously for those that do. Thanks.


Measure the viewing distance from seats to screen.

If Xbox use is pure minimal then most will say go Plasma... Pioneer, Panasonic.
Plasma sets give great SD reproduction.

Sony, Toshiba LCD's are great also in my book, but it's all personal preference.

Have a read of some other threads;


Plasma may be your best choice as you will be watching sports and movies of which plasma handles motion better.

Personally I think lcd's look a bit too bright and cartoony picture wise,plasma looks more natural,though it is personal preference.

Have a read over at avforums,some good advice of you can plough through the really geeky posts!!

got a panny plasma, had for a few years and I'd still say it's a better picture than most LCD's around now.
Great blacks and skintones, and little to no motion blur, I'd imagine the new panny 600hz are incredible.

I have heard that the new LED backlit HDTV's are fantstic and very low energy.

i read somewhere;

LCD for bright light room
Plasma for Dark-low light room

dunno if that will help

Im no expert but I did have a 32" lcd samsung screen and then upgraded to a 37" panasonic viera plasma The panasonic is miles better picture.

Also, I always had my heart set on a sony bravia,but when I bought my tv they had the sony and panasonic side by side,the panasonic was by far a superior picture

Panasonic plasma is the Gadget shows tv of choice :-D

also dont go to currys/dixons as they wont offer the free 5 year warranty that they come with atm, independents are the only ones that can (if u settle on panasonic )

As an owner of a panasonic plasma I think its great, the only things I would say are, 1 check how noisy it is - some screens have several fans and these can be heard with the sound on low volume, 2 power consumption on my 42" is about 400watts at least twice what a LCD uses. Other than that, you will not be disappointed with one.

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Ok so the general consensus is a Panny plasma. So now bearing all the criteria in my 1st post, which model. Some people say some models are better for SD than others?
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