LCD Aquarium / Virtual fish tank display - need one, but can't find. Help!

Found 22nd Dec 2007
Hi all - looking for an electronic fish tank. One of those virtual fish tanks (anything that doesn't contain real fish). Have been looking around and can only find DVDs that turn your TV into an aquaium, but I want something that plugs into the wall for my niece's bedroom that looks like a real fish tank (and don't want to use a TV).

Anyone know where to find one of these? I know I've seen it but can't remember where. Have searched amazon, play, ebuyer and scan without success. Help please!
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Do you have a What shop near you? I picked up one like ]this for £16.

Or there's a mini one ]here.

Edit: It's also available (along with a few others) on ]Amazon. ;-)
... or a picture on ]ebay* - pricey though!

* Remove the star out of the link. ;-)
Many thanks T--J! Might go for the eBay item, best I've seen yet and just within max price range.

Rep left!
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