lcd brackets for **** walls

    saw a thread on here or a discussion at least for lcd bracket that can fit into **** walls.
    i'm sure our walls are chalky and looking for fittings that might be able to put in them.
    or is it too risky to put an lcd tv on them?
    many thanks


    You should be ok with long frame fixings but if you really want to go ott get some expanding anchor bolts. I'm assuming this is going into brick and the chalkiness is dried out plaster.

    This sort of thing...


    you need a stud finder, and fix it to the studs…927

    To help more we need a few more details on your wall construction.

    I'm assuming you have drilled into the wall before to know that it is chalky?

    If so how far did you drill into it, plaster can be quite thick in some houses, in mine in places it is 35mm deep.

    The best thing to do is drill a test hole about 75mm deep and fit a 100mm frame fixing in attached to a 25mm thick peice of timber, tighten it up and see if you can pull it out.

    If the wall construction is brick or block this will be difficult at best, if the construction is something like lost rubble motared together it will be a lot easier and you might have to resort to resin bolts.

    Theres a whole forum about mounting LCDs on the avforums

    You might find the thread below useful if you have plasterboard walls.…721
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