Hi im looking to buy a new 42 in tv for xmas and spend about £600 but dont know whats best,anyone know?



    that size you need to go for plasma its generally regarded the best for tv's over 37"

    As a general rule of thumb: over 40" ish then Plasma, under then LCD. Although there's a lot more to it than that inreality. Best thing is to read some recent reviews.

    I can tell you this for certain though, you won't get a good one at that size for that sort of money. If you could live with dropping down a few sizes you could get yourself a cracking TV.

    If you play videogames - get LCD. Sony Bravia if possible.

    Not much to choose in between both in general tbh

    40" & over Plasma is advised.

    plasma every time!! and less fragile if you have rugrats!!

    I have a 37" LCD which is brilliant
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