LCD/ Plasma HD TV - 42" and above

    I know this probably is requested quite a lot but wanted to give details of what I am looking for:

    Obviously, I am not looking for the cheapest, I am looking for:

    [* Quality LCD or Plasma 40, 42" and above
    [* Reasonable HD - Not fake or rubbish HD - 1080 or 768
    [* HDMI
    [* DVI
    [* A selection of scarts
    [* A good competitve price

    Thanking you all in advance.

    I have to buy one for a friend of the family, so want to get it right from the start. I know I shouldnt have put myself in the situation but told him that I could find a deal on HOTUKDEALS.


    What sort of money are you looking to spend, as this will have a big influence on the recommendations.


    Original Poster

    Anything between £700 and £1000

    Thanking you.

    try those

    Your TV is the 3rd most important purchase that you will ever make, just behind a house and a car so make sure YOU do some research.

    For starters, don't listen to the Sales People from Currys or Comet. Talk to experts (Richer Sounds / John Lewis / Empire Direct) or manufacturers direct shops.

    All the information you will ever need can be found at the AV Forums website.

    I purchased a Panasonic 42" PX60 last year and it is awesome.

    I would probably recommend the PX600 or PX70 but have a look for yourself!
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