LCD screen for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Posted 29th Apr
Hi All

I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a replacement LCD as mine has completely smashed.

My effort at buying one led me to purchasing the digitizer and the sellers aren't clear if what they are selling is a digitizer or the full LCD.

Direct link would be perfect thanks in advance
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Try Aliexpress.
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I replaced mine. I can't recommend which one to get but don't get a cheap one. It seems they start at about £12 for the screen assembly, I decided to get an "OEM" one in the hope it would be as good as the one which came with the phone originally. Some of the cheap ones have bad reviews for colour reproduction or areas where the touch screen is poor - I went got one which was about £28 (from Amazon, on prime). Fitting was easy (took about an hour, check out YouTube for guides) you need to pretty much take the whole phone apart and transfer new components to the new screen, you'll need a hair dryer to soften some adhesive, you'll also need a very small screwdriver although these often come included with the screen. It never worked quite as well as the original one, it seemed slightly unresponsive at times, I noticed it when playing games where I lived both thumbs at the same time, like PUBG. So, not as "OEM" as if hoped. After a week I just ordered a newer Xiaomi phone. Maybe you'll have more luck. One tip though, when clipping the phone back together, don't press too hard above the speaker as the plastic may break - it looks like other people had the same issue on reassembly.

So, doesn't answer your question but hopefully of a little help.
Thanks for the responses.
is the below the right screen?

ziezou11 h, 22 m ago

I don't think that's the right one, you probably have the Snapdragon 625 phone aka the Note 4 Global or more commonly the Note 4x. That screen is for the Chinese mtk based Note 4 as far as I can tell so won't work.

You can tell the difference as the light sensor is on the right on the mtk version and left on the sd version.

This is from the back so the holes are the opposite side but you get the idea (also one set seems to have a backing cover).

The differently chapped ribbon cable seems to be another way to spot the difference.

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