LCD televison, 19-27 inch size

    Hi I am looking for an LCD television:

    Size between 19 and 24 inch:

    Preferably either Samsung or Toshiba/or other quality makes!

    Anyone know any good deals please? :thumbsup:



    Thats a pretty wide size range. Any budgets or anything?

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    No Budget as such, just a decent deal on a TELLY

    Like the Samsung LE23R87BDX/XEU LCD, 23 Inch for £499 from John Lewis

    or the

    Toshiba 20W330DB 20 inch for £329 from dixons.........

    but hopefully a better price

    I suppose around £400 would be the max, but lower would be better

    I guess the Toshiba 20 Inch from Dixons aint bad? :thinking:

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    To answer my own post :oops:

    I have now found the Samsung SM225MW 22in LCD TV for £299 at Argos

    Anyone got any better deals? :thinking:

    I bought the Samsung LE26R88BDX (size bigger than the 23 your looking at for £500) for £380. Just head to armed with the vouchers from this website (DISC01 and KEL10 iirc).

    Have a look at Richer Sounds (either the website or the store itself, if you are near one)

    Here's one example of a 'big name bargain', but there are loads more:…321

    I got a great deal on an LCD TV last month - have a look at my thread and see how I did it.

    RS will price-beat, too - and discounts are at store managers discretion. Speaking from personal experience, women tend to get more money off than men, and quicker service

    Hope this helps
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