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    Guys i am scared to ask as i know there are a zillion deals out there but here goes anyway.... lcd tv 40" minimum, at least 100hrz, 1080 best for action movies, not used for games and not fussed about brand as long as it has a 5 year warranty. Can you help? rep added if you can!


    i had a leaflet from argos today they have a 40" lcd LG for £449 unsure if 1080 its there specials maybe worth gandering on the website i have binned the leaflet now i am afraid

    1080 for action movies?
    1080p is for blu ray. or if you're using it as a monitor.
    100hz is a bit gimmicky still and can actually look pretty bad if you dont switch it off on other things.
    5 year warranty?
    in 5 years it'll be 2014. thats a long time to have a current technology LCD tv.
    John Lewis do a free 5 year guarantee, not a warranty.
    their guarantee basically says that if it fails, they'll attempt to fix it up to the original value paid. if they cant you may get a partial refund depending on the age of the TV or vouchers of an agreed amount towards a new one.
    as far as I know, it doesnt cover things like accidental damage nor does it have a specified turn around time.
    it your budget covers it, it may be worth paying a bit extra for something more comprehensive, or consulting your house insurance provider.

    LED TVs are set to start taking over from LCDs in the coming years so in 5 years time, the possibility of finding an LCD similar to your existing one would be almost impossible.
    how that will stand with a limited warranty like the JL one, I don't know.

    5 years in TV technology is like 2 lifetimes.
    think back 5 years-CRTs big bulky portable TVs and rear projection.
    all gone now.
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