LCD TV 108"

    Sharp has unveiled its 108-inch LCD TV. It's the largest LCD TV in production (yes, there are larger plasmas) -- and now it's been launched. Ideal for the caravan or the kids room.

    This monster comes with eco-friendly features, according to reports, though I bet it burns a helluva lot more fossil fuels up per hour than your piddly little flat-panel TV.


    let me just sell my house off, then ill buy 2

    Niiiiiiice i'll have 2 lol!


    let me just sell my house off, then ill buy 2

    Ill just phone the Man City owners..alot quicker :thumbsup::roll:

    great was on the look out for a new tv! - to replace my 14" portable lol!!!

    if i ever had a chance to chat to them, ill sell them one for a mill, and even go fetch it from warehouse wherever that may be

    What was the price tag? been expired so can't see it now


    wot a load ov tosh!

    I'll just sit closer to my 42" :-D
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