LCD TV: 26-32 inch

    Hi everyone. I'm after an LCD TV. It could do with being 26-32". I don't really want one which is online because I can't take it back if it's faulty and wouldn't like to have such a huge and expensive item delivered. It could do with being an actual shop.

    I've seen a couple at Argos, do any other stores beat this?

    26in: £399
    32in: £799
    42in: £899…208 >>HERE'S WHERE THE TVs MENTIONED ARE<<


    I personally think its better to go for a known make. Try Richer Sounds if you want a chain store. They also do a good deal on 5 year guarantees and you can see their stuff online and buy in store:…php

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    Thanks. I'll take a look at those.

    Karma given.

    Thanks! You do a great service to all of us so its nice to help out occasionally and return the favour!

    26" is probably a bargain. 32" is not really and for 42" I would go for plasma instead.

    32" Maxim - Currys 599.99 before discounts Here
    32" LG from Dabs

    Talking about 42" plasmas - 760 quid from eBuyer
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