Found 29th Nov 2005
Hi all

I'd like to buy an LCD TV for the bedroom (17-20"). Online would be fine, but any stores in the south central England are within my reach.

Not to bothered about brand names. Any ideas?
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On aria.co.uk, when you click on the Web SuperSpecial banner, you can get 19" Dell W1900 LCD TV-Monitor for £273.78 inc. Personally I think it's a terrfic bargain (considering it's normal price £504.08 inc). However, now it's out of stock, but watch the stock meter as it will go up very soon.
In the same place I've just found 20" Digimate LTV-2002 TFT LCD TV for £246.69 inc. WOW, good price. I use Digimate TFT flat panel for my PC and it really rocks. Perfect design, good built and 3 years of on-site warranty. No dead pixels either.
Dell have their 20" LCD TV w1900 for £240 shipped... at least they did, I haven't checked if the price has changed today.
i brought one from woolies for £279 including a wall bracket, which is very good.
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