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    hi my birthday soon and am hoping to buy myself a 360 soon.
    Want a new tv to go with it and was hoping it would be lcd...would like it to be above 17" and HD ready for under £200?


    theres this Viewsonic 19'' one here mate clicky £229+del. Dunno if theres any codes you can use to get the price down. Theres also the Samsung 19'' which is a bit more @ £249+del.

    Are you gonna be using the display to actually connect a digibox to it, or purely just for 360 action?

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    do u mean like freeveiw when u say digibox?


    The samsung isnt HD ready. Many sites say it is, but go to samsung site and its not. Only the 23"+ are. You wont get the HD socket and your 360 will be horride.

    im no HD expert, but what on earth is an HD socket exactly? LOL HD content can still be transferred from the 360 over VGA mate....

    Just found a mini review on Amazon CLICKY scroll down and he seems very happy with the results when he connected his xbox up via VGA.

    @spikeyjac. My flatmate actually has this Samsung in his bedroom, if you were considering getting it i could personally tell you what i think of it if you want. Or maybe someone else here has it and can tell you what the games look like on it

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    it does look quite interesting i have to say could you tell me what the qulite is like pls?

    yeah ill have a go with my xbox hooked up to it tomorrow mate and tell you what its like

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    what colour is his?
    if its the white one please could u take a picture?

    no its the black one mate

    For that price range and size a Samsung monitor would probably be you're best bet. Unless you get one of the models with Component/Composite/S-Video sockets it wont really do TV, but it will display you're 360 in HD with a better picture than most TVs double the price!

    Some reviews here:…o=1

    Just do a search in the deals forum, loads of good prices around at the moment

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    well want it as a tv lol so...

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    pancetta could u take a pic pls if u have a chnce?

    lol its pacecetta, not pancetta hehe. The pics are on esato for you buddy :thumbsup:
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