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    Hi might get a lcd tv instead of a plasma as may get a 42 instead of a 50
    any recommendations?!

    will watch tv, v+ hd, i have a xbox 360 and xbox hd dvd player, also want to connect my xbox 360 occassionally and a 5.1 system
    any advice?!


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    I'm more of a plasma fan. Can't go too wrong with the Panasonic TH42PX70, good prices and great picture quality.

    LCDs are improving for the bigger screens but I would still recommend plasma over LCD on 37" or bigger

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    ive heard about the px70 how much did u pay for yours?


    ive heard about the px70 how much did u pay for yours?

    I don't have a PX70. I have a Hitachi 42PD9700(bought from John Lewis on a price match). It is great for Xbox360 and SkyHD. I considered the previous Panasonic model the PX60 but didn't like the silver surround. The PX70 has a black bezel and looks much cooler.
    I suggested this model to a friend and he bought the 37 inch PX70. I have seen the 360 running on it and 720/1080i content, looks great.

    He bought his from John Lewis with a price match from Empire Direct. He then used MBNA cresit card JL vouchers to get another 10% off. I think he paid £600+.

    I see you posted in the thread about the 42PX70. Dixons appears to be cheapest at the moment, John Lewis will do a price match to get a 5 year guarantee.

    I admit I am a plasma fan but that was only after doing loads of research last year when I bought my Hitachi.

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    thats some good advice rep will be added for u im a lil stuck finance wise thats why i need someone who does finance but i might save up and go for the john lewis deal !
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