LCD TV and Computer

Hi all

Just want some input on something

im thinking of buying an LCD tv and running my computer on it.

the tv will be downstairs in the lounge, an will be used for watching tv, watch sky, play xbox360, and browsing the net.

but before i do theres just one thing id like to know - can an LCD do two things at once?!

by this, can my son watch football on skysports and on the same telly at the same time can my daughter lets say use a picture in picture mode and browse the net (both at the same time?). At the moment whilst they one is watching telly the other is on the net upstairs in my bedroom. id rather have both of em in from of me in the same room, so i can keep an eye on what they are doing, and have only one room to heat and not two!

has anyone got this setup or is it possible?!

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On my LG LCD you can run picture in picture and do 2 things at once but you can only have the sound from one of them. I also find that when I put the computer on the tv it is fine to read, but when I put it on half the screen in PiP I can't read the text. I don't know what causes it but its not possible to work on it like that.
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