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    can anyone give me an idea if this TV is decent or what i suck with all the jargon and such.…spx?q=p:1485566;c:36211


    no its not for that price take a look on (not saying its the best place to buy) and you can by a decent make for less than that. for example a samsung 37" for £100 less

    seems OK if it is true 1080p.

    But I have recently bought this one

    I am sure I have seem this advertised on a thread for £612.00 the features seem very similar but the LG has 2 hdmi ports.

    I bought mine from comet and paid a bit more £715.00 (they were about £660.00 on the web at the time), Comet were doing a good deal on half price quality stands.

    Hope this helps.

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    i know its cheaper other places just need know about TV.Thanks for all help!

    i would get the samsung le40m86bd, much better tv and you can get it for £749 from dixons with the 5% discount voucher 'gimme5'
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