LCD TV HELP 55"

    hey guys i was wondering what the best 55" inch LCD TV for my living room. I would love the feedback and i wouldnt want to waste my money thanks for the help
    btw i want full HD



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    Why get an LCD? You ask for the best 55" TV, well the best TV in this size range are the 50" and 60" Pioneer plasmas. Here is the 50" version:…tml

    Not cheap, but they are the best out there.


    Why get an LCD?

    price, power consumption, noise?


    price, power consumption, noise?

    you'll find that a 55" lcd is probably more expensive than a 50 or 60 plasma
    plasma doesnt use as much power as the masses assume, the quoted wattage is a maximum and only about the same as an average PC.
    plus its not constant like the LCD power usage is.
    the backlight on an lcd is always on.
    plasmas produce dark and black by blocking the power from igniting the phosphors.

    i've got a samsung 42" plasma and its not noisy in the slightest.

    please tell me you're not one of the folks that think you have to have the gas refilled in a plasma tv too?

    the horror stories i hear from customers from the mythical man in the pub/mate who knows about tellies/relative of a friend that their plasma tv gave them space AIDS, murdered the dog and caused nuclear war.

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    ok well any 55" plasma or LCD just need the help!! thanks!:thumbsup:
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