LCD TV help! for PS3

    I have recently acquired a PS3 and hopefully it's a good time to upgrade my television.
    I am looking for a LCD TV which can at least take 1080i.
    The size doesn't need to be big, 26 inch will do, as it's for my room.
    However I have heard that 1080p has to be at least on 42 inch LCD/plasma, not sure about this.
    I have looked around and generally plasma seems better for gaming, because of the colour and response time, however it seems to have the burn-in side effect, do I have to worry about that?
    I am still not sure of the brand I should buy, I have seen some samsung in gaming action which looks pretty solid, good design, good graphic though I don't know what series it is specifically.
    So hopefully someone can point me some decent screen, LCD or plasma both will do.


    This thread: ]http//ww…853 should answer most of those questions, there are some nice TV's discussed in there.

    To summarise response time isn't a problem for the latest LCD's, screen burn on Plasma is less of a porblem these days.

    Samsung's tend to be neither the best picture quality nor the cheapest price but are a good balance of the two.

    That 1080p should only be on over 42" is to a certain extent nonsense, although they don't tend to make smaller sizes anyway. It will actually look slightly sharper on a smaller TV as the the pixels aren't stretched out as much.

    I'd personally recommend something like this: ]http//ww…+TV
    as for me LCD's have the edge on the smaller screens. It's 1080i compatible and has a pretty good energy efficiency rating.

    Cheapest price I've found is here: ]http//ww…398

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    Thanks!! I've read the other thread too, however discussion are mainly about bigger screens than I need, it does answer some of my questions.
    Oh this looks like a pretty nice one, I have just tried my ps3 on a dell 2007wfp monitor with 720p, the outcome is much much much better than a composite connection, just the colour of 2007wfp is not vibrant and accurate enough to satisfy me... some banding issues too T_T
    Also a bigger screen will allow me to play further away from the monitor
    I think I will visit some stores and take a look at the sony kdl-32v2500
    The price is a bit steep though..
    Can any 26 inch LCD match up the quality of the Sony LCD you listed above?
    In picture quality, response time.. etc

    How much you looking to spend?

    Something like the 26" Sony ]http//ww…614 maybe? It's a slightly lower spec (less HDMI ports etc.) but is the same engine so should have similar picture quality / response times etc.

    The new Bravia's are supposed to be the best LCD's you can get at the moment, although that never lasts long these days someone always brings out something better.

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    I see, yeah, there's no ending to waiting.
    yea, this looks goood
    I just need one HDMI connection so it's alright
    Though i was looking for less than 400 for a 26 inch
    however, I must give you an applause, this series of sony LCD certainly seems like the best at the moment.
    And also that seems to be the best deal available
    Many thanks Rep added

    Something like this: ]http//ww…1-1 perhaps? That's a nice balance of price vs quality, it's not going to be as good as the Sony but it'll save your wallet a bit.

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    yep that was the one I was looking at... some bad comments on the speaker, however I have logitech z5500, which sounds awesome with optical cable
    however do you think the sony LCD do justice for that almost 100 pounds extra price tag(inc. p&p)?
    after all, I will still visit the electronic stores to have a look and get a understanding of the size of the LCD before I splash my money

    I'd say given the choice it's well worth the extra, that price is brilliant on a new model Sony, but it's not my money.

    I'd suggest you try to find a shop where you can compare the two, not just the picture quality but the interface, remote, EPG etc. and see if you think it's worth the difference.

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    I see, have got to see how hd contents run separately on each displays, wonder if the stuff is willing to demonstrate or not

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    Erm... there seems to had a problem with my connection just now and i multi quick replied
    Any mod who see this, can you help me delete all extra repeated ones?


    I'd personally recommend something like this: … I'd personally recommend something like this: ] for me LCD's have the edge on the smaller screens. It's 1080i compatible and has a pretty good energy efficiency rating.Cheapest price I've found is here: ]

    Think I'm going to advise my dad to get this model (the KDL-32V2500) but I've just read shocking reviews about (]here and ]here) so I'm going to go with where it's slightly cheaper - £611.79 delivered, and where store ]reviews are good

    Hope this helps someone else too. I've never used DigitalDirect or Sound & Vision (same company apparently) but the amount of bad reviews I've seen has definitely put me off!
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