Found 2nd Feb 2007
ok i'm new here and i have been looking for a new tv for ages am i best to get a normal lcd tv or a digital lcd tv? i also read that plasma's are better once you go above 37 inch?.Thanks for any help.

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All LCD tvs are digital capable. It depends on the input. If you have a digital source such as a DVD or Freeview or Sky then it can be displayed on any TV LCD, Plasma or CRT. The differences come when you consider High Definition. Then your screen has to be capable of higher resolution displays like a computer monitor. This can still be LCD, Plasma or crt. LCD is improving all the time and they are getting larger. I believe 42" is now available. LCD is also more eco friendly as it uses much less power than either Plasma or CRT.

Hope this helps.

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it does thanks i just keep seeing the same tv's some as lcd hd ones and some digital lcd hd ones with the latter always more expensive.

The only difference with HD ready TVs is that they have a digital input socket like HDMI.
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