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    Hi I have an LCD Samsung 40 inch tv, its about 2 years old. Anyways when I go to switch it on it has the standby light on only for about 5 mins and it makes a clicking sound as though it is trying to switch on but it doesn't. After the 5 mins it comes on, although this is progressively getting longer.

    Anyone know what the problem might be?

    Is it worth trying to get it fixed?



    if you bought from john lewis it will have a 5 year warranty

    other than that, better off contacting samsung for verified service agents

    yes, it might be worth it, you need a quote first, then you will know

    .....sounds like the on/off switch relay is going.
    My sis-in-law had a similar problem with her Philips plasma & was told that it wld be cheaper to buy another TV (which she did) as the relay fitted wld cost around £150 (maybe even more....)

    I had exactly the same problem with my 40" Samsung, it's the capaitors on the PSU loads of info on google :thumbsup:

    Our 40" samsung which is just over 2 years old has always clicked a few minutes after putting it on stand by it does sound like it's about to start up again but it never has restarted. Does anyone have a link for a fault diagnosis if it's s common problem. Thanks

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    Thanks everyone. It seems that this is likely to be the problem. I'm off to go and find someone that can do it for me though as I've never used a soldering iron in my life

    The info in that article said to search "Samsung clinking" on ebay and there will be people who can help for around £60 (if you can locate and remove the power board). Worth considering but BE CAREFUL !!
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