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I am in need of your valued opinions and advice, I am about to start working from home, using laptop for now, but will be getting a desktop, now am torn between getting 2 dell 24" monitors or getting a 32" - 40" Lcd TV, I would be sat about 2 foot from the screens, so any negs to using a Lcd? etc

Top end budget is £550

Heat and rep awaiting


Monitor's are the way to go, the bigger they are the better the resolution unlike LCD TVs.
Projectors are great for movies maybe not so great for working on.
LCD TV's are good for space saving - additional use for home cinema etc, but not as the main display for a PC.

Get the duel setup, witha higher combined resolution you will get more on the screens

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Interesting, note all I will be running will be Office and a few specific apps.
No gaming or tv will be used.

Monitors are the way to go for sure. They will be much easier on the eye for office work that is for sure.


Interesting, note all I will be running will be Office and a few specific … Interesting, note all I will be running will be Office and a few specific apps.No gaming or tv will be used.

For office work definitely go for monitors, your choice is between a resolution of 3840x1200 and a resolution of 1920x1080.

With a £550 budget I guess you're planning on two E248WFPs? If this is the case then one issue you may encounter is the viewing angle artefacts. Viewing a part of the screen from an angle horizontally you'll find that it's dimmer and has a yellow tint, what you particulaly want to watch out for is that if you view a screen like that from underneath all the colours invert so you definitely want to investigate the issue further if you're planning to mount one screen above the other.

If this may be an issue then one alternative you could consider is two 1600x1200 Dell 2007FP screens as they're a different (and better) type of LCD and the viewing angle issues will be reduced.

have a look at this Samsung T200HD 20" LCD TV/Monitor Freeview 1680x1050 300cd/m2 1000:1 5ms DVI/HDMI Rose Black + 3 Years Onsite Warranty
althought it's 20 inch thingy…849 or any other try this…t_9
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