LCD TVs - price drop?

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Found 17th May 2007
I've been looking for a cheap LCD TV to go in my room for a while now, at least 22". I've noticed they're slowly coming down in price, but are they likely to be falling substantially soon for any reason? e.g. do they all release new stock at the same time of year?

Also, if anyone could recommend an budget HD TV- for my 360 and laptop. I was thinking of the AOC 27" at about £270



Exactly the same situation. I am very tempted by the AOC it seems to have a lot of good reviews and the price does make it that ever more tempting!

Have you looked over at avforums? They have pretty much every TV analysed over there and I think they recently had a thread on the best budget HDTV. Might be worth a browse.

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brilliant, thanks...will have a look


:thumbsup: No problem. This is not neceassarily the best price but gives you some idea on the specs ]https//ww…-AO

Personally, i'd wait a while, as like you said, the prices are dipping quite steadily.

I recently noticed a 32" LCD for £400 and was very tempted to buy one for my gf's place, as i already have a 42" panasonic plasma in my room.

If you're looking to buy a smaller screen though such as the 22" you menioned earlier, i don't think they'll be dipping much more in the foreseeable future anyway, so you may as well go ahead but i wouldn't buy a smaller screen than 32" unless you have a box room.

Hope that helps.
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