LCD/Plasma TV Brackets.

    I live in a new house (just over 3 years old) and the interior walls of the house are dry-lined. With this in mind how easy is it to put up a bracket on one of these walls for my 32" Samsung.

    Would you recommend I get it done professionally and not rely on my DIY skills?



    [SIZE=2]It's not that difficult to do - make sure you read up carefully beforehand though (google plasma wall mount). I'm glad I did, cos there would have many mistakes if not :-)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Also check your home insurance, some won't include this.[/SIZE]

    If you are at all unsure then get it done professionally. considering the amount that a 32" LCD costs, it would be a shame if it came off the wall.

    However, as arfster says, if you can find enough info on the net (not all of it is necessarily correct though) for you to be confident, then go for it!

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    Cheers. Think I will get it done professionally.
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