LCDTV: Budget of £300-£400

Found 29th May 2007
Hi All

As the subject of this deal request alludes to, I am looking for the best deal on an LCDTV on a budget of £300-£400

I only have a few requirements, it must be:

26" - 32"
PIP would be nice
Freeview is optional

TV will be used for xbox 360, PVR & Laptop so would like something with a decent picture quality.

Not really sure on whats good or not, looking at the plethora of screens on the market. Any suggestions or advise is really appreciated.



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Have a look at the AOC 27" or the AOC 32" as they seem to be really good tv's for the price. This 27" is under £300 and the 32" is around £380.

Original Poster

Thanks for the quick reply. Where is the best place to buy the 27" one?

I have seen £275 delivered at micro direct - not sure what they are like

Thanks again


make sure its atleast 1080i when you buy one mate otherwise you wont get full benefit of hdd or blueray in future some cheaper ones are only 720 check the specs first

happy punter here with the 32" AOC from intekx.com. It was almost flip-a-coin to choose between that and the 32" Hanspree which is available from intekx.com as well. I spent hours reading the forums at AVforums.com and bought on a combination of spec, cost, reliability and reviews of the company selling it. For your info, there are two models of the Hanspree, a JT and a YT. IIRC, the YT is the slightly older model and comes with a 'piano black' finish. You will need to hunt down where it is better/worse than the YT on the forums as I can't remember now. edit - the YT has 2 HDMI inputs which could be useful!

Basically, my conclusions were that as I didn't have the budget to buy a top spec jobba I might as well got for total budget with decent reviews. I am not a mad keen audiophile or visualphile (I made that word up if that isn't a word:D) and am very happy with what I have got for ~£330. I spent a bit of cash on a scart to connect the Virgin box to tv, have got a £5 hdmi to connect the ps3 - have had a good couple of nights with the mates round watching footy and shouting at Fight Night. All friends have thus far been impressed.


Original Poster

Looking at getting either the AOC 27" or 32". I can not see any reference to the HD Resolution on any of the pages. Can anyone tell me if these are both 1080i?

Cheers for your help so far guys

Still open to other suggestions, but these seem very good for the price

I'm glad you asked this question.. I'm looking for a 26/27" LCD too (for the future Mother-in-law).

Saw the AOC mentioned before and it looks good!!!

Need to figure out if she wants Freeview, Sky or Vigrin media.

Keep the TV suggestions comming please.


It's slightly over budget, but for 32", this is a superb offer: hotukdeals.com/for…d=1

A mate of mine has just bought this one ]http//ww…853
1080i, HDMI, PC Input and has a 3 Year Warranty included. £364.12 + £13.29P&P = £377.41, unless you signed up for the free delivery for life on the forum a while back in which case only £364.12.

Personally I have the 22" and 27" versions for the kids rooms and they are fine for DVD's, TV, Xbox and even as a PC monitor using a DVI to HDMI Converter.

Ive been looking for one too. Was looking to spend around 200-300. Is the AOC one 1080i? I dont know what that means but someone said it makes it better on this thread lol. I missed out on the SAmsung one in the play sale so i messed up there.


1080i is the display on your TV and consists of a resolution of 2 Megapixels or 1920 x 1080 Pixels. As most HD Outputs are usually 1080i then this is currently the maximum display your TV will need. However as HD progresses they may switch to 1080P. On the other hand unless you have something to Output a 1080i or 1080P signal, such as a Blu-ray / HD DVD Player or SKY / Cable HD Box then it is unlikely to make much of a difference to your viewing from a DVD, VHS or Freeview Box. This is just to ensure that when you buy a TV that it is futureproofed for upcoming technology changes. (in so far as you ever can).

Ahh okay i get it. Thanks Bigmac

The AOC is awesome, I have had the 32" for 2 months from Intekx, have spent some time tweaking the settings, which you can do for each input, upscales standard def ok, sky is pretty good on most up to date programmes, DVD's look good and Xbox 360 - fantastic.
Checked all the forums and for the money it still seems the best deal out there.
Intekx, customer service good, and they respond quickly to emails.
2 year warranty as well.

Can i have a link for the cheapest AOC tv?

Found a refurbhised one. Panasonnic 23" i think lol on Amazon for 245. It has a 12 month warranty from Panassonic. Is that any good? amazon.co.uk/Phi…1-9

you can get the aoc from micro direct 274 inc delivery

I ordered this the other day from clearance section of CCL online @ £349.
Took a chance on this as not sure if its a return or refurb. But will be going back if Im not 100% happy with it.


Supports 1080i and has inbuilt freeview. Over £100 cheaper than Ebuyer too.


Thats for the 32" loads of other deals from £262 for a 27"


As I said, it's ok to find the absolute cheapest possible deal, take it from me, I did loads of research and can recommend AV Forums, from whom I took advice, the AOC is excellent with a 24month warranty for peace of mind.


Very helpful and great advice, especially about HDMI cables!! (Thats a whole other forum topic!):whistling:

good luck

not got freeview tho!!!! Must have freeview inbuilt :-)

Is the AOC one 1080i?

Original Poster

Thanks again for all the advise and such guys.

I had spoken to someone at my local TV specialist & they kept pushing the fact that the cheaper screens will not be as good a quality, due to contrast ratio & black to black response time.

They said it would be worth going for one of the Samsungs (over priced in their shop), but cheaper from Dixons - for example and the SAMSUNG LE32R88BD 32".

Is it really worth me finding £470 rather than £350ish for the samsung? I think the samsung is 8000:1 compared to 750:1 on the AOC & Hanspree and has a b-b response time of 8ms.

What do you think?

Thanks again.

definatly go for the newer samsungs,they are a dream ,always perfect reviews on them
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