Le Creuset Are Releasing A Star Wars Collection - Casserole Dish, Roaster, Cocottes & Trivits

Posted 8th Oct
Le Creuset Star Wars Kitchenware Collection Available from 1st November

I actually thought this was a mock up / joke when I first saw it on Facebook, as we just don't see Le Creuset release stuff like this. It turns out it's real and coming very soon.

Now... We know these won't be cheap, but they are pretty awesome. My favourite is that Han Solo Roaster We can only hope that Le Creuset decide to give us a decent sale on them over Black Friday, but I don't think that will happen with this range.

Keeping an eye anyway, mainly because I want to get my Hanns on that Roaster

More info on site HERE

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But how do I buy them
I Googled it, but no prices/further information. However, the Disney Shop sell a Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday one for £180.
darkstryder36008/10/2019 16:02

But how do I buy them

Go to your nearest Le Creuset stockist and use the force?
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