Leaf Vacs - Do they pick up stones as well?

Posted 25th Apr 2010
Right I have an issue in my garden where the back of it has some large trees and we have a problem with grass growing under them and also loads and loads of leaves.

What we are thinking of doing is putting gravel down over the back of the garden as nothing grows there anyway.

But what we are wondering is will a leaf vac pick up the stones as well?

I have not found anything online to answer this so I am calling on HUKD users experiences of leaf vacs.

Any help is very much appreciated.
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I had a black and decker one that wouldn't pick up stones or sweet chestnuts which was quite annoying. Great with leaves though
dont they just blow the leaves
I've got one that picks up leaves and shreds them. It doesn't pick up stones.
We dont want it to pick the stones up so one option was to blow the leaves onto the grass and then pick them up from there.

However I thought that with an airspeed of over 200kmh the stones would more than likely move as well.

Maybe someone knows?
they wont pick up gravel .. but they do pick up very small stones the size of grit .. when i worked for a gardening firm we had to do this every winter and my legs where black and blue from brusises where the small stones get sucked into the bag ... lol
Mine used to pick up small stones and gravel and as a result self destructed. The fan blades are ok for shredding leaves and small fine twigs but get anything hard through there and they break up so be careful.
I use my leaf vac on my gravel covered drice every year,
sucked up the leaves but not the stones
Got Flymo vac and nope it doesn't suck up stones, only leaves and grass so should be exactly what you need.
just put down large graded aggregate
Is there a vac that only picks up leafs and not stones
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