Leaked iOS 11 GM Reveals iPhone 8 Features, Hints at LTE Apple Watch

Found 11th Sep 2017
(Via Macrumors)
The golden master version of iOS 11 appears to have leaked this evening, shedding some early light on products and features Apple plans to announce next Tuesday. The golden master software seems to have been sent to multiple sites including MacRumors and 9to5Mac.

In the Apple Watch app, there's an image of what may be the third-generation Apple Watch with a cellular connection. The device has the same general design as the current Apple Watch, featuring a Space Gray body and matching band, but it appears to have a bright red Digital Crown. Code in the update suggests the Apple Watch will be able to make calls over LTE, sharing a phone number with the iPhone. The Apple Watch will be added to an existing phone plan, and there are hints that carriers will offer pricing promotions.


Two iPhone 8 screenshots buried within the update give us a look at the new navigation bar on the iPhone 8, which will replace the Home button with a set of gestures. Pulling upwards on the bar brings up the Home screen and a longer pull brings up the App Switcher. There are also hints that the elongated sleep/sleep wake button (now called side button) will activate Siri and bring up Apple Pay cards and passes.

There are hints of animated emoji for iMessage and references to AirPods 1,2, which may be a revised version of the wire-free headphones Apple first introduced last year.

Last but not least, there are a selection of colorful new wallpapers that are sure to look impressive on an OLED display. There are stills of the earth and moon, several floral images, a selection of retro-style rainbow wallpapers, and one wallpaper that's plain black.


Macrumours also speculating over possible supply chain issues for the release;

'Due to component supply constraints, we estimate current production of the OLED iPhone at less than 10k units per day, which means the model will remain in severe short supply for a while. Furthermore, we estimate that the gold version of the OLED iPhone will encounter some production problems and will initially be available only in extremely low volume. There is even a chance that the gold version will go on sale at a later date than the other versions. However, we believe these shipment delays will have a limited impact on the shares of Apple and its supply chain members.'
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Gone were the days that companies would make sure they had enough stock before selling something
Regarding the shortage issue:
The same thing happened last year regarding the jet black, I think in the end delivery was estimated at November, I was on Apple for 8am and managed to get my order in around 8:10 for the 'matt' black iPhone 7 plus but it appeared that day one stock was very short supply (people on macrumors with the same phone has the same issue) and it was delivered around 5 days after 'release' day
An LTE version of Apple watch, that's going to be a battery life killer.
I predict the iOS 11 will be on on 19th sept
dalemcglone11th Sep

Gone were the days that companies would make sure they had enough stock …Gone were the days that companies would make sure they had enough stock before selling something

The supply and demand beast has flipped in reverse!.

It now a case of you create the demand, THEN they create the demand ...

As opposed to formally the other way round?.
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