Leaky Beko fridge freezer - any advice please?

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Found 9th May
Have a Beko frost free fridge freezer about 4 years old. Recently the fridge part is getting a load of water accumulating under the salad drawer in bottom of fridge and I'm getting sick of it!

I keep cleaning the drainage hole out but there's nothing in there. Admittedly I haven't pulled it out and checked the back. Anyone had a similar problem or got any advice?



Look at the back, maybe its full

If you don't want to maybe you could put something in it too see if it soaks stuff up like a wick, tightly rolled dish cloth perhaps

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drain hole is blocked.... clean drain hole with something longer like a cable tie and then pour down 1/2 cup of boiling water...
Water should drain away onto a tray on top of the motor which is warm so it evaporates

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Thanks - yeah I will. It's just a case of getting the sack truck out!

Do you know if there is an easy accessible reservoir on these? Not sure that's how you spell that - but been corrected. Looks weird!

I would say definitely the drainhole as Panic said. Mother in laws fridge has an issue with it keeping blocking up at the moment.

Blocked drain hole. You will find shelf inside fridge at back with hole. I use a long plastic zip tie that I keep in kitchen draw and poke about 6 inches in when I think of it. Pain in the xxx. I forget to do it every few months and we get flood...

Oh just a note. There is a fan in the inside many beko freezer compartments at the back. That vents it to so make sure that's OK and free to spin. Your problem is the fridge though. No need for sack truck. It's inside at back. 2 second job to fix

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Thanks a lot for the tips. I did try the drain hole with their 2 inch tool - got a bit of black gunk out but didn't improve it. Great idea about the cable tie. So bleeding obvious but just needed someone to suggest it!

I'll probably still pull it out as I've been inspired and give the back a clean - think there are things growing behind it - down the sides look filthy anyway!

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