Leappad ultra v tablet

    Looking at getting my 3 year old a leap pad ultra for Christmas as she loves her sisters iPad but I'm concerned that the quality won't be great and I'd be better off buying a cheap tablet.
    Had anyone got any experience of the leappad?
    Thanks in advance x


    Go for a tablet, the type of games that you pay for on the leap pad are free on the play store, graphics and hardware much better on a tablet too. Did the same for my lad, 7 inch hudl, a good quality and substantial case. Preloaded a load of games mostly educational plus the popular ones, angry birds etc. Once I had this done removed the wireless password so no internet access. I just connect it every couple of months for updates.

    My kids had leappad ultras, which are great and will last most kids until they're 7, although the games and ebooks are expensive. The windows tablets have profiles and you can set length of play times e.g. 30mins per day, I bought one of the Linx 7 tabs, for my kids to share, they each have a profile, with different games. I would go for a windows tab. Although the Linx 7" doesn't seem to have a case available which fits perfectly.

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    Thank you for your replies, will definitely look in to a tablet, there seems to be some good offers around. It is really just the games and educational apps that she'll want but I can't justify buying her an iPad!

    My son uses mu ipad but i recommend a very good shock proof case.
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