learner driver insurance?

Found 1st Jul 2012
hi all, im looking for learner insurance for my 17 year old son, yes im googling and getting quotes, but would like recommendations, so does anyone know of any little wonders that i might of missed?

thank you
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We used provisional marmalade for our son.However he couldnt drive our car as it was too big for him so had to cancel after one day but he got most of his money back.Think they took under a fiver for that one day.
collingwood learner insurance is good
don't you just add him to your own? or just pay for driving lessons he wont need it then

collingwood learner insurance is good

Some companies wont insure learner drivers.We were with tesco insurance when our son was learning and they would not insure him.
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i dont drive sassie.... and he is having proper lessons too, thank you for the suggestions so far, am looking

i dont drive sassie.... and he is having proper lessons too, thank you … i dont drive sassie.... and he is having proper lessons too, thank you for the suggestions so far, am looking

i meant just add him to the insurance of whoevers car he is going to be driving, i dont think alot of companies do learner drivers for obvious reasons

OOps and good luck on his learning to drive, my daughter has decided putting off learning to drive as she knows financially affording a car whilst in college is nie on impossible and would eat into the very little she already has
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its his own car
Why do you need insurance? He is covered with the driving instructor.

Maybe I've misunderstood. What other vehicle is he driving?
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its his own car

be prepared for a quote of £1000+ and thats if he has a group 1 car. He's going about it completely the wrong way.

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http://www.provisionalmarmalade.co.uk/default.asp?introducer=87£2.81 per … http://www.provisionalmarmalade.co.uk/default.asp?introducer=87£2.81 per day

Thats as a named driver on a family car
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thank you remington, checking them out
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collingwood seems the cheapest, thank you guys
you cant get learner inurance on a car which isnt already insured. Unless you want to pay ££££££
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its not already insured, he needs to insure it for himself
if it's his own car, you can put him down as the named driver and yourself as another driver and so on (with other parents or brothers/sisters) and it will bring the price down.

admiral and diamond are pretty cheap.

managed to get my learner insurance for about £1000.
Try Adrian flux they were cheap on my renewal but not sure if they do Learners, but defo worth a try.
Are Quinn still going?

They were always cheap a year or too ago for learners/young drivers
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