Learner Driver Insurance - 90 days (renew option available) - from £1.50 a day @ Admiral via Veygo

Posted 25th Sep 2019
In light of driving instructors charging from £20 an hour for a lesson, pushing it to £26.

It may be a good idea to perhaps take lessons in your family/friend car.

I have just insured my sister for £145.00, which works out £1.61 per day over 90 days.

You can re-insure if required again.

Please remember when letting the learner driver to drive your vehicle have an L plate displayed on front and back of the vehicle.

Failure to do so will result in 6 points.

Veygo is owned by Admiral, the reviews seem great compared to Collinwood and Adrian Flux who offer similar policies but seem to do anything to get out of helping should they be required upon - see reviews.


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