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Found 13th Oct 2008
Has anyone ever learnt a language from CD?

I am not wanting to master the language, but I would like to learn it conversationally, but wondered if any of you lot have ever done it and whether it was any good?


There were some on her a while back in the freebies section. Will try to find them so you can try it for free. I must admit that I haven't put much effort in to learning it myself so can't comment!

I started a Spanish one a while back, I learnt a little bit but gave up after the novelty had worn off ! ..... like anything else you have to put a lot of time & effort in .. but if you're serious about learning another language then I would say give it a go.

I got one of the freebies off the site. It was so dull and boring, i gave up. Really wanted to give it a try, but just couldn't concentrarte on it enough!

Try an evening class there are often free ones available.

I've tried a couple and thought they were all rubbish, then I came across the Michael Thomas stuff. This guys approach is fantastic, I was speaking basic spanish quite quickly with the ability to pick up new words very easily because of the english to spanish conversion techniques he teaches.

Its the only one I would recommend - you can usually pick them up from flea-bay on the cheap.



Here's the link for a free trial at Michel Thomas. I got my CD's pretty fast.


Different methods suit different people.

Are you OK learning on your own, without the support of fellow learners?
Can you push yourself even if things get hard?
Can you find answers to all the questions you are bound to have when learning a new language?

If so, then a CD will be fine.

The big thing to consider is: how well do you want to learn the language? If fluently then have some proper lessons. If just for fun then a CD will be good enough.
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