learning french through your dreams

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Found 23rd Jul 2009
hay dose this really work? any try it? well what im looking for is a mp3 to learn french to listen to while im joggin. anywhere i can download it it free? thanks

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I used to record myself, telling myself things....play it back to myself and then repeat it back... then record myself with various gaps for conversation so I could " talk back" to myself.

Sounds loony doesn't it..

but passed French A Level x

Demonoid's pretty good for educational material. Whether dream learning works or not, I don't know. I have tried it in the past, kind of, in the sense that I've left cFM playing as I slept or left audiobooks playing or left SkyNews on, and I've often woken up having had real things enter my dreams (ie, news stories, fragments of music, parts of books) that have been either at the forefront of my conscious thoughts when I woke or that have been recalled later in the day, but there's nothing that clearly sticks in my mind about my experiences right now, so buy that measure, I guess it fails.

Incidentally, I once had a friend at college who advised me that sleeping is the best time to learn things. I think I had to punch him for saying something so stupid. I'm not a violent person, but sometimes, there jsut isn't any choice, is there?

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heh sorry but that is kinda funny. well back at my old school i remember i was good at french but why is it they make you talk it and read/write at the same time? well is deminoids free? thanks
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