Learning how to build a pc...

    Hi, over the last couple of years I have been interested in computers. In the future I really want o be able to have the knowledge to be able to build my own pc. I dont want to do it for a business or anything just in my spare time. What advice would you have for a total novice who wants to get started in the way computers build?

    Please can you give me some links as well please to usefull sites

    Thanks x


    try buying a few magazines that gives hints and shows what to do etc, like custom pc, or similar magazines or reading forums thats connected with building pcs, i was like u a total novice but once u start reading into these things you be surprised how easy it is to build a pc yourself , you can get the specs YOU want n not specs the retailers or outlets want u to have, n normally its cheaper to build yourself if u know where to look, i got most of my components from,

    Just research what parts you want to get .
    Read forums of what to do and what not to do.
    Understand what each component basicly does.
    Look for videos on youtube.
    Read your motherboard manual.

    Thats what I did and im on my computer now

    Have a look inside your own pc. Nothing better than seeing for yourself where the bits and pieces go.

    if you have a recent pc ....... its pretty simple to put a pc together just take your time

    the only difficult parts to install are the cpu & heatskink & the psu ...... but there are many tuts online how to do this


    great support forums

    TBH the way I built my first PC was to get one from a scrap yard that worked and take it apart so I learnt what was what and how it attached then rebuilt it again

    One of the problems with building your own PC now and again is that technology changes so fast that your knowledge can be out of date in six months.

    I have built myself a PC every 2 years or so for the last 10 years, and when I come to doing research I find It is like starting again.

    New processors, new motherboards, new chipsets, new types of memory, new BUS speeds, new graphics cards, IDE became SATA, ATX became PCI and so on.

    From my experience BUILDING a PC is not that difficult, trying to decide WHAT PARTS to buy is the difficult part.

    For example there are hundreds of different types of motherboards, and trying to decide what one you want, that has the features you want, is very very difficult.

    As others have said, buy magazines, read reviews, try to keep up to date.

    Micro Mart magazine is good for PC builders, available a W H Smiths etc.

    Micro Mart also have a good web site with some forums for PC builders. Main web site here:

    Micro Mart forums here (see one called System Builders and Upgraders). You do have to register but the guys who monitor that forum really know their stuff.
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