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Found 2nd Apr 2010

A few months back, I asked for recommendations for Comedians to listen to in the car whilst I was driving to work and back. I think ive went through all the comedy shows I can possibly find.

Been thinking towards learning another language and its something Ive always wanted to do. Apart from a tiny bit of french at school. Bonjour, je m'appele etc etc (thats latin! ha!), Im wanting to maybe learn some basic spanish.

I know theres google to ask this question, but is there members here who have maybe done this before and recommend anything?

Im in the car 90mins each way to work, so plenty of time to listen each day.


I do this, am currently using Pimsleur Spanish and really enjoy it. It's approx. 30 mins per lessons and overall the course consists of 90 lessons. Would definitely recommend. There's Pimsleur courses for most languages I think, they're very expensive if you want to buy them, I downloaded mine.

Doing Greek through Pimsleur, download them if you know how.

I,m doing the same in the car and as they are 30 min each chapter, I find this ideal as this is roughly my journey time, sometimes I have to rewind parts as you lose concentration through driving but once I am on the dual carriageway, I find it easier then to concentrate on it.

I am using Pimsleur Japanese and find it very good when running, cycling and driving.

If you listen through headphones as you are going to sleep seems to reinforce learning. Think its a similar principle to the hypnosis tracks you can get. You might drift off to sleep but the sub concious part of the brain still seems to absorb information.

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Excellent replies¬!

I think I know what to do now!
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