Learning the keyboard (musical), advice needed :)


Does anyone have any recommendations of where to start learning a full size casio keyboard for a total beginner (never touched one before).

Is there any books or websites that someone can recommend? Remember I have never touched a keyboard in my life so looking to learn from the very beginning!

I was a little worried I started learning from a website that was giving me wrong information (fingering / hand positions etc) and then I had to unlearn it. So anyone that has some advice on where to start would be great!

Thanks in advance.



Try this just to get you started, I know it's really for children but it … Try this just to get you started, I know it's really for children but it does teach you to touch type! Once you know the basics you will get faster with practice.http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr

​I think he means in the musical sense OP should change it to Music Keyboard.

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Changed the title to avoid any confusion

Browsing through amazon just now for a beginner book.

If anyone has any idea on an easy to understand book to buy, that would be great Otherwise ill just take a chance on one.

I am not musical - but my kids are. I paid quite a bit on professional lessons for them.
I will draw a driving analogy - do you think you could learn how to drive using a book? How about just 6 lessons with a professional piano teacher and then review how to proceed.

It depends if you want to be able to read music or just play by written note. I teach school kids how to play the keyboard, we don't teach how to read music as that's the main reason a lot of them give up. What do you want to get out of it?

Try the Skoove app

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Thanks for all the advice, I ended up trying to skoove app - and its the best thing so far Learning the basics now!
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