Learning to play the electric guitar - advice on what to get?

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Found 10th Oct 2010
I want to learn how to play the electric guitar.

I will be teaching myself using books/guides/dvd/youtube etc and just slowly learn it. I'm in no rush, just a bit of a hobby.

Can anyone recommend what I should get?

I know you can get starter kits for like £100 with a guitar, amp, tuner, wire, stand etc but I have heard mixed reviews about these. Some people say they are good to start off with until you take it more seriously and want something better, others say it will put you off playing because they are crap.

Any ideas? Would a starter kit like this be ideal? Or not?

Answers from people with experience would be great!

Thanks a lot.


If you are starting off getting a starter pack is the best option - you wouldn't want to spend too much and realise it's not what you expected it to be like and quit.

Get a started pack from a reputable dealer and with a reputable brand, as music stores want repeat customers and they know that a decent quality starter kit would keep the customer better than a cheapo rubbish one.

Also I would up the price you are paying for the starter kit just a bit more.

BTW I'm not a guitarist so I don't know any good deals or anything, but I am a drummer and I had to start somewhere just like everybody else.

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Okay, thanks.

I'll wait for some more replies. I have also been recommended to buy a good used guitar instead of a new starter for a similar price.

i would advise going into a good guitar/music shop and getting some advise from the staff, they will have all the experience and knowledge to point you in the right direction..

i just started learning myself and got a epiphone les paul guitar and a marshall practice amp plus leads/strap/picks/tuner/ for £450...

loads of goods lessons online these days,just be patient because it does take time and perserverence to start making sounds that dont scare the cat away....lol

Good luck pal, pm me if you want advise on online lessons..etc

If you have a good local music shop they will be able to advise and may even be able to give you a few starter lessons so you can learn tuning and simple cords to get you started.

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Thanks guys. I will drop into a local music shop and see what they can advise.

This is a great site, i've been using it myself:



This is a great site, i've been using it … This is a great site, i've been using it myself:http://www.justinguitar.com/

I've used that as well.

Yamaha Pacifica is a really good starter guitar. Those cheap sets aren't really much good, the guitars are rubbish to play.
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