Leather handbag logo- looks like an embossed 4 leaf clover!

Posted 16th Nov
Does anyone know what brand name this is, I've seen it on some handbags, it's quite subtle?! It has an outline of what looks like 4 leaves or 'angular petals'.

Will be amazed if anyone understands this description!!
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A photo might help.
Of course but I don't have one!
Maybe some of the designs from "Coach" (sometimes they do a series of "C's") ? Though with my AV I gota say my first answer was Alfa Romeo lol.
Tory Burch?
Kate spade has a new logo with a heart in the middle which could be interpreted as a clover from afar?
If it’s a popular design maybe have a look on Selfridges or John Lewis.
Failing that, the next time you see it, ask the person wearing the handbag - I’m sure they’ll let you know
Let us know if you ever find it! You’ve intrigued me
Chrisstara16/11/2019 16:30

Tory Burch? [Image]

Oh wow you've found it!! You clearly know your bags, thank you!! I really couldn't ask the person who I saw in passing...thank you Chrisstara!!!
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