Leather High back Chairs - Please help

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Found 23rd Nov 2006
I am looking for a deal on leather high back chairs - I have seen the one for staples but they are very fond of adding VAT on. There are expired deals for chairs that were £25. Can any body help me look anywhere else??? All suggestions greatfully recieved.

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Try neat idea's or viking direct - they normally have them for £25

I would also say try looking in local "stationary" or "office" type shops.

My local "stationary box" in Hammersmith, London had a chair of this description for about 40 quid a while back, so I bought it.

A week later it went down to 30 quid.

Ah well, still a good deal I think. :-)

I saw the Staples deal, and went into my local store, but found a very similar chair there for £25, and bought one, and it is very comfortable. I can't see the chair on the Staples web site, but they had plenty. The back reaches my shoulder blades (I am over 6'). I have never been charged VAT by my Staples store (Derby).

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Hi there,

Thank your for the suggestions - I do live in Northern Irealdn which hammers me a wee bit when it comes to this.

will have a good search

[SIZE=2]dont Buy One In Pc World!!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]I purchased one about 4 months ago and the arm has broken where it attaches to the base, phoned and emailed the parts center useless dont answer. First and last thing I ever buy from them[/SIZE]

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used to work for pc world - i know that things can be missing and that they can fall apart sometimes

There's also Viking-Direct, Neat-Ideas and Staples. I think they're around £40 there now though.
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