Leather Sofa Care Kit

    Wondered if anybody can help.

    I recentley bought a leather sofa from CSL and the care kit it came with was a waste of time. I don't like these new leather wipes as you only seem to be able to do one sofa with a wipe (before its dried out)...I'm after a good quality care kit with leather cream and cleaner in bottles.

    The only one I can find at the min is frm Master Leather:…htm

    Not sure if it is any good..just wondered if anybody else has bought a kit before.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    You'll find that soap and water is just as effective for cleaning as any expensice cleaning kit. For marks or stains use cheap hairspray on the mark and just wipe it off whilst its still wet.

    Finally for protection any car leather upholstery wax will do the same job.

    Lakeland have some cleaning products which might work:…her

    Ikea sell a cleaning kit cheap - but for my leather suite it actually recommends using Sunlight soap - and the only place I was able to find that was in a cheap trade shop

    We got a Master Leather care pack with our suite a few years back and it was never used - damp cloth & light detergent is all that's needed.
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