Leatherman Multi-Tool ???

    Anyone know the best place to buy Leatherman Multi-Tools?

    I'm not after any specific model so somewhere that has a selection to browse would be good!




    you should also take a look at Gerber. Check out your local halfords mine has a huge selection, also see Milletts.

    hope that helps

    Original Poster

    Thanks, i'll have a look!

    Whats the quality like compared to Leatherman?


    they are on a parr with eachother to be fair and both originally designed in oregon, please see below…man…ool

    both are around the same price, with the leatherman probably being marginally cheaper (pence) but just thought i would suggest some derivatives


    got a leatherman supertool on ebay about 2 years ago for £20 when I was in the T.A. as ebay worked out the cheapest at the time compared to retailers I had seen
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