Found 21st Oct 2008
Hi guys. Did any of you had to use the 25 yrs warranty on Leatherman Wave? i just broke the pliers on the 07 Wave model Just pressed them kinda strong trying to unscrew the nut, and it just hit me in my face Didn't hurt or anything, but scared the [email protected]#t out of me!!! You don't expect that from the pliers... not from Leatherman especially...

My question is, what is reasonable force (that is when warranty is void)?

Thanks in advance!

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i had mine replaced twice in the army with no problems, i think it was whitby knives they go to (UK Dealer) had them back in 3 days as well excellent service!!

Busted a blade on my Wave a year or so back. returned it to the UK agent and got a (new model) replacement by return.

Most impressed!

Make sure you just send the knife. No sheath or accesories!

Leatherman knives ain't cheap (Especially in ripoff Britain. Got mine about 2/3 the UK price, delivered from Canada) BUT, like they say: Ya gets what ya pays for.

Yeah their warrenties are good, A friend of mine works in the boat industry and used his for a long while (~10yrs?). He eventually snaped a blade on it while cutting thin-ish metal and he got a new model replacement in a week. No questions asked.

I've got a P4 squirt a while back too (~4years) when a trekking shop was on sale (£20), been next to my house keys ever since.

P.s. wanted a pink one but they didnt have any in stock :-(
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