Leave Router on or turn off??

    OK, my computer is used every single day and as a minimum from about 16:00 till about 23:00 every day. Some days I work from home, so obviously it's on from 08:00 till abut 23:00.

    But should I just leave my netgear router on all the time or shd I turn it off each time??

    I've been using my PC since about 08:30 this morning, and then at about 13:15, my Broadband connection just turned off - no one was using it and it just went! I was going out, so shut my pc down but when i got home at 16:00, I couldn't get ANY connection to Broadband. My router looked ok, and my phone connected to the wifi but when i tried to access any sites from my phone, it said it wasn't connected?

    Eventually after unplugging everything about 3 or 4 times and re booting about 3 or 4 times, connectivity was restored but this has made me think - does turning it on and off each do more harm than good???

    Any views please?



    You don;t need to turn it off. Mine is ON for the last 4 years. ;-)

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    You don;t need to turn it off. Mine is ON for the last 4 years. ;-)

    wow - 4 years!!! Wil prob leave mine on then!

    You computer's WLAN should pick up the signal from router every time you switch on your computer. If router still shuts itself down you need to check if you are using the latest firmware. Then check drivers for your WLAN. Hope that should solve the problem. I use a netgear router too that was given free by my ISP.

    agree with dcx_badass, would probably be better to leave it on to avoid the exchange thinking theres a fault. I only ever turn mine off if im away for a week at a time, otherwise it seems fine left as it is!

    i was told by a computer shop to turn mine off for 5 mins each day but i dont do it. only time i switch it off is if i have problems connecting which is anywhere from once a week to once a month. i dont like turning it off cos theres been a couple times its shown a red light and wouldnt connect after turning back on

    My routers been on since 2006:thumbsup:

    mines been on 24/7 for a few years as well, prolly go up in smoke now ive said that !

    I used to leave mine on 24/7 but in my old age I'm finding it more difficult to stomach the thought of paying for those flashing lights while I sleep.

    Off every night for me.

    mine is on from last 5 months i just turn it off if the speed gets low....:whistling:

    av got a netgear router but need to switch it off every night as the plug makes a loud buzzing noise, and its right next to the dogs bed!!

    dunno anyone who turns it off.

    Its not necessary to turn it off.......
    However its cache fills up as its limited. Hence you should reset it every now and then by turning it off for a few minutes and then turning it on again (I do mine once a week if I remember)

    I dont turn mine off unless it screws up (bloody netgear)

    If you generally only use it for 7 hours each day I'd turn it off, no point in wasting electricity for that length of time.

    I turn it off when I leave the house or go to sleep. Interesting to hear that could potentially cause the exchange to flag a fault though :thinking:
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